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Carpet Flooring in Franklin, MA

Carpet adds instant texture and color to all types of spaces, both residential and commercial. With more ways to enjoy carpet than ever before, even those who live with pets and small children can experience the joys of sinking their toes into lush, enveloping carpet. At Franklin Tile Carpet One Floor & Home in Franklin, MA we’re enthusiastic about flooring and proudly serve greater Norfolk Country. We carry the latest and greatest in fine carpet products.



With a world of options to compliment your space and schedule, carpet is a wonderful insulator. It keeps your rooms warm in the wintertime and is the perfect landing spot for little kids on the go. Carpet can even help filter harmful dust particles out of the air. Let’s learn more about this incredible family of flooring.


Carpet Types


The key to a successful carpet installation means taking a close inventory of your space and surroundings. There are now stain-resistant carpets, water-resistant carpets, and even heavy-duty carpets that can manage heavy furniture and frequent footsteps. The fibers of your carpet, also called pile, are a vital component in determining feel and overall function. Carpet pile can be made using either synthetic or natural fibers, including nylon, polyester, or wool.







Along with the distinct fibers, there are also unique types of carpet constructions. You can identify a type of carpet by how the fibers are attached to the backing.





We can’t prevent messes from happening, but our stain-resistant carpet collection promises ongoing peace-of-mind. Colorful, stylish, and hygienic, stain-resistant carpet boasts brilliant possibilities for all your favorite spaces. Stain-resistant carpet never goes out of style, with hundreds of options to consider. It’s equipped with individually coated strands to prevent stains from seeping in. Even the harshest stains and odors are no match for these innovative products.



Stain-resistant carpet can go anywhere carpeting is installed. While it isn’t ideal for the kitchen or bathroom, there are certainly options to adorn your favorite residential and commercial spaces.


Carpet Installation


While carpet isn’t recommended for the kitchen or bathroom, most other rooms in your home are prime carpet candidates. Sturdy, ultra-resilient carpet works great in entryways and on stair. A stain-resistant carpet will fare well in your family room or in a child’s bedroom. Our onsite flooring experts can help recommend carpet products to best meet your needs.


Our Carpet Selection


At Franklin Tile Carpet One Floor & Home, we’ll always treat home as if it were our own. As proud members of the world’s leading flooring cooperative, we boast amazing purchasing power, localized services, and leading carpet brands. Call us today to schedule a FREE project consultation. 




Learn More About Carpet





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How to Care for Carpet


With a steady schedule of TLC, we promise

your new carpeting will hold on to its beauty

and color for many years to come. Regular

vacuuming sessions and scheduled deep-cleanings will go a long way towards

this goal.