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Laminate flooring in Franklin, MA

If you’re seeking a floor that can do more, laminate flooring has you and your family fully covered. This affordable performer plays a vital role in today’s busy home. With its high-end visuals and tough-as-nails construction, laminate flooring doesn’t disappoint.


At Franklin Tile Carpet One Floor & Home in Franklin, MA, we can help you find the best laminate flooring to meet your décor and functional goals. Our collection of laminate flooring boasts possibilities for every budget, and we carry all the leading brands and products.


Why Laminate Flooring?


Laminate flooring is always a wise choice, whether you’re seeking something for home or your business. Modern laminate flooring comes in hundreds of styles, so it’s easy to find just what you’re looking for in your favorite hardwood-inspired designs. Laminate floors are extremely efficient when it comes to guarding against daily damages since they’re made in hearty layers.


Is Laminate Flooring Waterproof?


All laminate flooring is crafted to take on minimal moisture, but there are specific products that are 100% waterproof that bear a mention. Waterproof laminate flooring has a hidden, resin-soaked core that’s a reliable barrier against the largest accidents and splashes. We strongly advise seeking waterproof laminate if you have a new puppy or are remodeling a bathroom.


Laminate Installation


Laminate flooring is inherently designed for your convenience, both during and long after installation. This affordable floor will quickly click and lock into place, making it appealing to those who appreciate instant gratification. Adhesives and nails aren’t needed for laminate installation, although a layer of glue can be used for added reinforcement during commercial projects.


Our Laminate Flooring Selection


Franklin Tile Carpet One Floor & Home carries all the latest laminate flooring looks and our onsite experts can help you find just what you need and desire. Please visit us soon at 168 Grove Street in Franklin, MA, to browse our laminate flooring or shop us online today.




Learn More About Laminate





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Caring for Laminate Flooring


If your household is hectic but you’re unwilling to compromise on style, laminate flooring has everything you need. You’ll love how easy and carefree life with laminate can be.