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Vinyl Flooring in Franklin, MA

When it’s time for a floor that can do more, luxury vinyl flooring has always got you covered. Both pretty and practical, vinyl flooring comes in thousands of stunning plank and tile options, allowing you to enjoy realistic hardwood and stone-inspired looks in your home’s most challenging spots.


At Franklin Tile Carpet One Floor & Home in Franklin, MA, we are proud to be the region’s leading destination for bold, beautiful vinyl flooring. You’ll find many of the leading luxury vinyl brands here, including Invincible, Invincible H20, COREtec, VeroStone, and Earthscapes. Shop Vinyl Flooring.


Types of Vinyl Flooring


Luxury vinyl flooring comes in a wide range of planks and tiles. For the most authentic hardwood looks, you’ll love luxury vinyl plank. With selections spanning all the hottest hardwood species and finishes, vinyl plank makes it easy to enjoy these beautiful styles in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or beyond.


Vinyl plank isn’t like genuine hardwood in its construction. Your vinyl plank is constructed with several layers makes it ideal for high traffic areas like hallways, entryways, and even stairs. The top wear layer helps vinyl plank resist scuffs and scrapes from shoes. You can get a floor that stands up to the test of time when you choose luxury vinyl. Because vinyl plank is so stable, most people assume that it is hard to walk on and unattractive. This isn’t true: vinyl plank mimics the look of genuine hardwood and is successful in its attempt. In fact, many people cannot tell the difference between authentic hardwood floors and vinyl plank!  Vinyl plank can be installed in areas where most other floors could not. Basements, finished attics, laundry rooms, entryways, and living rooms are all areas where a vinyl plank ideal. Luxury vinyl plank even comes in some waterproof options so that it can be installed in bathrooms and kitchens.


If you long for a unique tile installation, luxury vinyl tile is a beautiful alternative to traditional tile or stone. These manufactured tiles are available in all your favorite ceramic, stone, or porcelain-inspired colors and textures. Vinyl tile is a beautiful flooring medium that can also be customized to create an eye-catching accent wall. Though they look identical to natural tile and stone, they’re constructed differently, using layers of materials that create structural stability, padding, and sound absorption. Vinyl plank flooring won’t warp, crack, or chip when exposed to humidity or heavy foot traffic. It’s also more comfortable to stand on for long periods, and it helps absorb noise from activities like cooking, children playing, and pet claws scampering across the floor. Caring for this flooring is also easy. If a mess or accident happens, you can simply wipe it up without worrying about stains.


Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?


All luxury vinyl flooring will generally withstand regular moisture and humidity. However, there are also 100% waterproof versions of these products that go that extra mile. Waterproof vinyl plank and tile come with a watertight core, protective topcoat, and cork backing to take on severe splashes in style. These hidden weapons prevent moisture and stains from taking hold, even on your most challenging days. Waterproof luxury vinyl flooring features a surface that stops moisture from penetrating through your floor, and a core that allows water to sit on the surface and be wiped up instead of seeping through to your subfloor.


Where Can Vinyl Flooring Be Installed?


Vinyl flooring can be installed in a wide range of interior settings. There are commercial-grade products aimed at managing your workday with ease and waterproof planks and tiles for a more creative kitchen. Indeed, there are options for every room! Ask one of our flooring experts to help you find the best vinyl flooring options for your unique room and needs.


Our Luxury Vinyl Selection


With an ever-growing vinyl flooring inventory, Franklin Tile Carpet One Floor & Home is always here when it’s time for a change. Please visit us soon at 168 Grove Street in Franklin, MA, to learn more about vinyl flooring or browse our latest product displays.


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Caring for Vinyl Flooring


Because it resists wear and moisture, luxury vinyl flooring remains easy to clean and maintain. Visit our Flooring Guide to learn how to clean luxury vinyl floors.